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Environmental technology in Rhineland-Palatinate

Sustainable technologies and innovations as a contribution to environmental technology and as a guarantor of employment for medium-sized businesses in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Networking of business and science

Knowledge transfer and know-how exchange between all participants of the environmental technology industry through a competent network.

Innovative solutions

Systematic development of innovation potentials that play a key role in the transition to a green economy.

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Take advantage of the expertise of our members and benefit from the experience of our environmental technology network in order to work together on current environmental technology issues.


The research team of UmTecNetz-Potenzial introduces itself

With funds from the Ministry of Environment, Energy, Food and Forests of Rhineland-Palatinate, the research team UmTecNetz-Potenzial RLP has started its work at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld. The team members Tamara Breitbach, Lara Hoffmann and Nina Runge, headed by Prof. Dr. Henrik te Heesen, Prof. Dr. Stefan Naumann, and Prof. Dr. Peter Heck, are working on new possibilities for the development of network structures using the Ecoliance as an blueprint.

The accompanying research should clarify how the chances of existing structures can be used and strengths can be developed, so that network members can continuously profit from a qualitatively high education, from new cooperations between companies as well as between companies and universities, from access to international markets and from contacts to possible contractors and sponsors. The milestones are an analysis of the visibility of companies through networks and the development of long-term knowledge management, which is intended to ensure that specialists knowledge and experience is passed on in order to make the experiences accessible to all members.

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