Dubai aims high

The first modern 7-story mud high-rise with 35 residential units is to be built in Dubai. The structure will be built using 70% clay and renewable fiber materials such as straw or hemp fiber insulation boards.

Of course, no 20-story house is built entirely of clay today. In order to meet modern requirements and ensure earthquake resistance, a hybrid construction method is to set new standards.

Dubai back to the future!

The statics of the building are secured by a load-bearing structure made of reinforced concrete. In hybrid construction, materials are combined in such a way that the strengths of the respective materials are ideally utilized, while the disadvantages are optimized in return.

Modern natural building materials made of renewable fibers and clay have very good energy properties and are used in insulation and interior finishing in accordance with ecological guidelines.

They offer excellent protection against heat and cold while meeting high demands on the indoor climate.

We promote healthy buildings.

While humans have used the positive heat-protection properties of clay for thousands of years, today we rely on materials that are manufactured expensively using a great deal of energy - with only moderate benefits to keep our rooms cool. Not to mention the health and environmental hazards of their production and processing. In addition, they present later generations with the task of disposing of the difficult-to-separate and hardly recyclable material mix in an environmentally friendly manner when the buildings are dismantled.

The standards set for hybrid construction are intended to make a significant contribution to the sustainability of modern buildings.

Everyone talks about sustainable building materials and reuse - we put it into practice: In research, development and application technology as well as in practice in house and apartment construction.

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