Advantages and benefits

Ecoliance members benefit from the exchange of know-how within the network and with national and international partners.

In the various working groups, there is a continuous transfer of expertise on environmental topics. Furthermore, the members benefit from cooperation in (research) projects and the joint implementation of innovative projects.

Finally, the network offers a platform for linking and deepening international contacts at events and trade fairs.

The networking of all those involved in environmental technology ensures the continuous transfer of competence. By covering all sectors of the environmental industry, the members can benefit from the search and identification of cooperation partners, from the active involvement in conferences, events and workshops as well as from the newsletter with current information on events and news from environmental technology in Rhineland-Palatinate and the Greater Region.

The central aim of the Environmental Technology Network is to support member companies in creating added value and innovative solutions through the transfer of know-how and knowledge.

We promote this in particular through expert forums and technical discussions on current environmental issues, steering enquiries on cooperation, and placing university graduates and specialists.

Finally, we strengthen our members in establishing contacts and initiating projects in important foreign markets.

Our good networking with the national presences abroad and the foreign chambers of commerce ensures that the companies of the network receive close support in opening up foreign markets.

In addition, the members benefit from the organization of delegation meetings at home and abroad, the mediation of industry-specific B2B contacts and support in identifying attractive target markets.

Ecoliance Newsletter

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