Environmental Technology Network Ecoliance Rhineland-Palatinate

The environmental technology network Ecoliance Rhineland-Palatinate connects companies, universities and research institutions, municipalities as well as municipal enterprises to a powerful and project-oriented network.

We bundle competences from the areas of water/waste water, decentralized energy systems, building technology and building energy efficiency as well as circular economy and recycling.

Environmental technologies are one of the cornerstones for achieving climate mitigation goals and at the same time offer great potential for future economic success and the competitiveness of almost all branches of industry.

Without environmental technologies, a transformation towards a circular economy is inconceivable. Due to climate change, scarcity of resources and environmental pollution, society, the economy and politics are forced to create a sustainable economy.

A key role in the restructuring of crafts, agriculture, the service sector, and industry is played by the consistent development of environmentally technological innovation potential.

Ecoliance Rhineland-Palatinate identifies industry-specific trends in environmental technology and supports its members in project-related implementation.
The federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate is the leader in terms of the density of environmental technology companies per capita and area. The industry records annual growth rates of 11 to 16 percent, almost doubling the national average.

Forecasts for the sector, which in Rhineland-Palatinate is usually associated with water and wastewater management, renewable energies, sustainable construction and recycling, and recycling, are positive for the next five years, with expected average growth of eleven to twelve percent.

This is also reflected in the creation of qualified jobs in the sector, which will grow by an average of seven percent per year.

With the environmental technology network Ecoliance, we want to take up the positive trend together with our member companies. We will continue to develop the environmental technology sector in Rhineland-Palatinate with joint projects, an ongoing transfer of know-how and the pooling of expertise.

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