Which philosophy drives our actions?

Our role as a network is clearly defined: Ecoliance is more than just a platform – Ecoliance positions itself as the network of choice for thinkers and doers, and is a proactive networking group of innovators from companies, research institutes, associations and chambers. We are a neutral, non-profit organisation whose mission is to build and sustain a successful networking approach. The emphasis is placed on joint projects and active work to ensure tailored and holistic solutions, as well as the best possible use of resources within a recycling environment. Together we ensure that research results are turned into market innovations – thus strengthening growth and employment in Rhineland-Palatinate through economic success. Our motto is: Access to benefits is intrinsically linked to the provision of benefits. Successful projects can only be realised if all the members adopt an active and cooperative approach.

Ecoliance is committed to the following core values:

Efficiency and effectiveness

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