Innovation through cooperation

The environmental technology network Ecoliance Rheinland-Pfalz e.V. and the H2BZ-Netzwerk RLP e.V. showed on Thursday evening in the municipality of Kaisersesch at the public general meeting of Ecoliance RLP e.V. what cooperation can make possible. Mayor Albert Jung kicked off the event:

"We are very happy that we, as a rural community, are participating in the Reallabor SmartQuart. As we are one of many municipalities in Germany and Europe that are organised in the same way as we are, the results achieved here in Kaisersesch can be transferred very well to other municipalities. Information and communication are not only important factors for good future-oriented cooperation within the networks, they are also at the forefront of such information events. Together with Ecoliance Rheinland-Pfalz e. V. and the H2BZ Netzwerk Rheinland-Pfalz e. V. we would like to inform people about new ways in environmental technology and to get in touch with them. This increases acceptance and also brings future topics such as hydrogen into the focus of social consideration."

In a first part, Ecoliance presented its success stories by means of various examples. The members also had their say in an image film and thus thanked the network for its cooperation. Werner Zimmermann, CEO of Ecoliance, is convinced that networks are the key to successful sustainable and innovative projects and products, especially in the environmental technology sector.

In the second part of the film, the SmartQuart project, which is being carried out in cooperation between the two networks, was presented. Here, hydrogen plays a key role in the development of a hydrogen economy, the necessary infrastructure and the efficiency potential in sector coupling.

State Secretary Dr. Thomas Griese introduced the second part with the Rhineland-Palatinate hydrogen strategy and its future potential, and emphasised:

"In the "real laboratories" of the energy turnaround, such as in Kaisersesch, sustainable, innovative energy supplies are being tested under real conditions and on an industrial scale. The aim is to learn how our energy consumption can be made climate-friendly and clean on the basis of renewable energies. SmartQuart also provides regional development impulses in Kaisersesch through the new green hydrogen infrastructure and the expected climate protection effects. A lighthouse project as an innovation community of the energy turnaround!"

How this works in detail was demonstrated by the main players BASF with Frank Halder, Viessmann with Alexander Dauensteiner and the project manager Dr. Jörg Heinen from Innogy in their cooperation project Smart Quart - real laboratory of the future. The technology of the future is already being tested there today, climate-neutrally, locally and above all digitally.


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