euWater4i-SD - The EU project will be funded

The project "euWater4i-SD" applied for in December 2020 with the European clusters France Water Team (France), ACLIMA (Spain), CREA Hydro&Energy (Czech Republic) and Green Synergy Cluster (Bulgaria) will be funded by the European Commission with 603 k€.

The project will officially start in September 2021 for a duration of 3 years. The full project name is "EUropean Water initiative for fostering International Sustainable Development".

The aim is to set up an internationalisation strategy for the five clusters in the water, energy and agriculture sectors, thus strengthening the internationalisation of SMEs in the African (Kenya, Uganda) and South American (Bolivia, Peru) markets. In addition, new European water value chains are to be developed.

Six work packages have been defined:

  1. Project management and implementation
  2. Communication and dissemination
  3. Designing the Joint Internationalisation Strategy (JIS)
  4. Validating the JIS through SMES Internationalisation Programme
  5. ESCP4i Cross fertilization
  6. Long-Term Sustainability

Ecoliance RLP e.V. is the lead partner for work packages 2 and 6.



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