euWater4i-SD at the European Cluster Conference 2022 in Prague

On the 26th and 27th of September 2022 took place the 8th edition of the European Cluster Conference in Prague and euWater4i-SD was represented on a booth by the project partners.

matchmaking session was organised on Monday morning and 200 participants had the opportunity to meet and discuss with up to 11 European cluster-related actors. The euWater4i-SD partners took advantage of this matchmaking session to present the project and develop future partnerships with other clusters.

Many conferences and breakout sessions were as well organised on different topics. The euWater4i-SD partners followed especially the breakout session on the internationalisation of European SMEs with great interest. Sucess stories from other European Strategic Cluster Partnerships - Going International (ESCP-4i) were presented with the lessons learnt, which will be of good use for the implementation of the euWater4i-SD actions.

All the participants were very glad to finally be able to meet partners and potential partners in person. We would like to thank the Czech Ministry for Industry and Trade, the European Commission and the European Cluster Collaboration Platform for the organisation of this very successful event!

From left to right: Kristián Celý (CREA Hydro&Energy), Břetislav Skácel (CREA Hydro&Energy), Louise Gubanski (Ecoliance), Igor Aranguren (ACLIMA)

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