Ecoliance visits the H2BZ network RLP e. V.

The H2BZ network promotes the competence acquired in Rhineland-Palatinate and other federal states in the field of hydrogen, fuel cells and other energy sources. It supports research projects, know-how transfer and public relations work to pave the way for these new technologies.

At the beginning of August, Tamara Breitbach and Dr. Barbara Jörg met Albert Jung, mayor of Kaisersesch municipality and chairman of the H2BZ network Rhineland-Palatinate, and Lothar Schaden, acting head of the corresponding corporate unit, about the possibilities of hydrogen and fuel cell technology in rural areas.
Hydrogen as a further alternative fuel has become an integral part of the technical discussion. Especially when it comes to the interim storage of excess energy from renewable energies, hydrogen is a storage of the future. In order to test exactly this in a model, the municipality of Kaisersesch is the only rural authority in Rhineland-Palatinate to win the competition "Reallabore der Energiewende", which was awarded by the Federal Ministry of Economics at the beginning of July.
With the H2BZ network, which is also a member of Ecoliance e. V., the municipality is breaking new ground in innovative ways. The aim is to convert the surplus electricity from the local wind energy into hydrogen in an electrolyser. This could be used to drive buses, which should secure the connection to the district town of Cochem for the association community, without further CO2 emissions.
Mayor Jung says: "We need solutions for traffic in rural areas. And hydrogen can make a contribution to this". A further exchange on the subject is planned with Ecoliance e. V..

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