Ecoliance member BIT-Control celebrates its 20th anniversary

BITControl GmbH looks back on 20 years of successful company history.
What began as a small one-man start-up in Wiesbaden's living room has developed into a nationally known software and planning office based in the Eifel region. Brigitte Jegen and Norbert Meyer, the two shareholders of the company, see the success of the company in a very customer-oriented and reliable service, a high degree of flexibility and a special focus on the qualification of employees. In this way, the company always reacts quickly when customer or market requirements change.
BITControl has established a trusting and long-term relationship with its business partners. The customers and employees from the very beginning are still there. This success would not have been possible without the committed, interdisciplinary qualified employees.

20 years - that is a reason to celebrate.

We would like to thank all our customers, employees, business partners, family and all companions who have made the success of BITControl possible. We celebrate our anniversary with an event in Nattenheim and an event within the framework of the "Eifler Abwassertag" with lectures and banquets in the newly renovated Hotel Eifler Hof in Kyllburg.

20 years - software, control systems and technical planning.

The combination of these services in one company is rather unusual. BITControl develops industry-specific software for the planning and operation of wastewater treatment plants, which is used worldwide. BITControl's control system runs in over 170 wastewater treatment plants, water supplies and biogas plants. And BITControl incorporates the experience from plant operation into the engineering projects. The focus here is on the optimization of wastewater treatment plants with the aim of reducing energy consumption and minimizing the discharge of pollutants into water bodies. In this way, more than 100 tons of CO2 are saved annually in a medium-sized sewage treatment plant for 10,000 inhabitants.

20 years - Responsibility for the environment and the region.

For 20 years, the two shareholders have also been committed internally to climate protection. For example, a PV system with battery storage is installed on the company premises, CO2 emissions are offset and electrical service providers are offered.


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