Ecoliance e.V. starts exchange with trade association SHK Rheinland-Rheinhessen

Common topic is the securing of qualified employees in environmental technologies

For 70 years, the Fachverband Sanitär-, Heizungs- und Klimatechnik (SHK) Rheinland-Rheinhessen has represented the interests of the SHK trade towards politics and society. Important components are the technical training and further education of specialists as well as the imparting of the increasing requirements to resources and energy efficiency in the building technology.

This is another reason why the Fachverband SHK Rheinland-Rheinhessen is a member of Ecoliance Rheinland-Pfalz e. V.. During an informative discussion recently, Helmut Gosert, Katharina Hilger and representatives of Ecoliance e. V. discussed common topics.

Training and securing of skilled workers has been quickly identified as an urgent task. In a next step, a pilot project is going to be established to show the sustainability of the cooperation. The concept is going to be presented at the next meeting of the executive committee of Ecoliance e. V. in October.

Dr. Werner Theis, Katharina Hilger, Reiner Hilger, Helmut Gosert, Dr. Barbara Jörg, Prof. Dr. Henrik te Heesen und Tamara Breitbach are developing a pilot project for the securing of qualified employees in environmental technologies

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