Ecoliance as guest of the Ingenieurgesellschaft Dr. Siekmann und Partner mbH

On December 10th, Dr. Klaus and Dr. Thomas Siekmann invited Ecoliance to a company visit at their branch office in Thür, to exchange views on current topics.

The planning office works in the fields of traffic facilities, urban and regional planning, renewable energies, surveying, project development and is a pioneer in the field of water management.

In 2012 Dr. Siekmann und Partner was awarded the environmental prize for the development of a two-stage compact digestion system. In 2016, the company was recognized at the German Civil Engineering Award ceremony.

During the meeting new impulses for the cooperation between Ecoliance and the engineering company were given, so that the exchange will be even more intensive in the future.

The meeting was attended by Executive Committee member Dr. Ricki Rosenfeldt, Dr. Barbara Jörg from the Ministry of the Environment, Tamara Breitbach and Maike Senk from the research project of the Environmental Campus.

Ecoliance Executive Committee member Dr. Ricki Rosenfeldt and the research project UmTecNetz gathered new impulses for further network work in the subject area „Water“ with Dr. Klaus Siekmann (2nd from right) and Dr. Thomas Siekmann (2nd from left)

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