Crisis-proofed and highly flexible: the environmental technology sector in Rhineland-Palatinate during the corona crisis

A current study by Ecoliance Rheinland-Pfalz e.V. provides information on the effects of the corona pandemic in the environmental technology industry.

Crisis-proofed and highly flexible: this is how the majority of the members of the environmental technology network Ecoliance Rheinland-Pfalz e.V. see themselves in the face of the corona crisis. This is the result of a current study, which has now been published at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld. At the beginning of April, a majority of the almost 80 members of the network were questioned by telephone by an accompanying research team about the current work situation, the medium-term business situation and the changed work processes.

Although the coronavirus emerged unexpectedly, it has undoubtedly affected business in different sectors to varying degrees. Particularly impressive are the changes in tourism and gastronomy. But what about environmental technology? How badly is the industry affected? When can cuts be expected? And how are companies in Rhineland-Palatinate reacting?

The researchers from the Environmental Campus have drawn a differentiated picture of the heterogeneously positioned industry. Especially service companies have a hard time in times of contact restrictions. Systemically relevant supply companies, on the other hand, score points with stability and a very good order situation.

Click on the image to read a summary in english of the study.


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